Extended Transactional Funding Now Available
for Short Sales and REOs for up to 12 Months

We are pleased to announce that our sister company REI Funding ( is now offering Extended Transactional Funding for up to 12 Months! This will accommodate those situations where you get a short sale approved, yet it comes with a requirement that you hold the property for 30 days .... or longer. Or, let's say you want to flip to an FHA buyer, and they can't officially open the loan application until you have closed and are showing on title. Or, you want to flip an REO but their title company won't let you do a back to back close.

All of these scenarios are now covered.


What is One Day Transactional Funding?

One Day Transactional Funding is used when you have a real estate deal that you need to close and you will be re-selling that same deal to another party that same day. The entity that you are buying it from needs you to provide the funds when you purchase it. When you re-sell it in a second closing that same day, you will then have the funds to re-pay the person or company that provided the funds in the first place.

The problem investors run into is that they don't have the funds to close the first part of the transaction...

That problem is now solved with One Day Transactional Funding.

Example of a One Day Funding Transaction
Let's say you get an approval for a short sale on Mr. Smith's house at 123 Main Street for $100,000. You find a buyer, Ms. Jones, who will pay $120,000 for that house. In order for you to get the profit between the $100,000 that the bank approved and the $120,000 that your buyer agrees to pay, you must first close and pay for the house from the lender.

In this transaction, Mr. Smith is party "A". You are party "B". Ms. Jones is party "C". We provide the $100,000 to you, party "B" in the purchase from Mr. Smith. This is the A to B part of the transaction. You then sell the house to Ms. Jones in a second closing that same day. This is the B to C part of the transaction. Once the B to C part of the transaction is complete, the funds you had to close the first transaction can be re-paid back to our company that provided them to you.

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