Proof of Funds
We can provide you with a Proof of Funds Letter for you to submit with your purchase offer for the A-B transaction. This letter is provided with the intent that you will be using our company for your funding needs once the transaction reaches the closing stage, and you meet our Funding Guidelines as outlined on this website.

We are not responsible for the misuse of this letter under any circumstances.

The Proof of Funds Letter can only be used when making an offer to purchase real estate when you have the intent to have an end buyer under contract and qualified to purchase at the time the loan is made.

We reserve the right to withhold funding services or Proof of Funds Letters to anyone we deem to be exploiting or misusing our services. We also can provide funding to cover reasonable closing costs. If you know the amount of your closing costs, input that below. If you don't know, simply provide an estimate. At the time of closing we will determine the exact amount of funds required via the HUD-1 Settlement Statement provided by the Title Company.

Please note that our upper limit for a single deal ranges from $500,000 to $750,000, depending on the time the loan is made and our availability of capital.

If you have more than one transaction for which you need a Proof of Funds Letter (POF), please complete and submit an individual request for each transaction. This POF is not intended to be used as a "blanket" POF.

To submit multiple POF requests, simply hit the "Back" button after clicking "Submit", and you will be returned to the original POF form. Change the property address and dollar amounts, and click "Submit" to generate a new POF.

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